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Applying MakeupGood News About Acne

Many people of all ages are affected by acne. It can be an intermittent problem or a daily battle. There are so many different acne medications on the market that it can get confusing about whether to try a new product or to see a dermatologist.

The most frustrating part is that people are told there is no cure for acne. Basically, this means that you have to continue to use the products or the regime that "works" for you forever. Otherwise, the acne will return.

Unfortunately, many of the products that "work" contain cocktails of toxic chemicals. Even worse, some ingredients are known teratogens (agents that cause birth defects). At the least, they can leave your skin feeling tight and dry, as well as increasing the prominence of wrinkles.

Our opinion at Natural Pure Organics is that your own body can cure itself of acne if given the proper "tools" to do it. Here are our suggestions and our reasons behind each one. You will probably find at least one helpful suggestion that you have not tried yet. Not only are our suggestions safe if you get pregnant, they are actually healthy for and beneficial to your unborn baby!

If you are not already taking probiotics, start now. Probiotics are beneficial, healthy bacteria that live in your intestines and help keep your immune system strong. They carry out such functions as the assimilation of amino acids (building blocks of protein), the production of vitamins, the digestion of food, the protection from overgrowth of pathogenic (disease causing) microbes, among many other functions. Acne can be an external symptom of an internal problem -- an intestinal bacteria imbalance.

Read the ingredients of the products that your are applying to your skin. If you are reading words that make you think you need a chemistry degree to understand, chances are that they are not healthy for you. To find out for sure, look them up in our Toxic Ingredient Directory. For your skin to regain and maintain its optimal health, consider using purifying, organic skin care products with 100% beneficial ingredients which are certified organic to food grade (vs cosmetic grade).

Apply a topical skin probiotic to restore the healthy bacteria to your face. When a healthy population of friendly bacteria is present, they outnumber and suppress the growth of pathogenic (acne causing) bacteria. The friendly bacteria release nutrients and create a naturally occurring, extremely mild, lactic liquid which is known to restore and protect the skin's acid mantle, lighten and brighten the complexion, improve photodamaged skin, exfoliate dead skin cells for a smoother, less-wrinkled appearance.

Once a week, pamper yourself with a purifying mineral mask. Sun-dried, French clay, organic herbs, and essential oils draw toxins from the skin and assist tissue regeneration (healing). Clay firms, tones and refines the skin, promoting a smooth, supple, and clear complexion. The Purifying Mineral Mask is safe and healthy enough to use daily if desired.

If you wear make-up, consider 100% beneficial, certified organic, mineral cosmetics. Make sure they are free of paraben preservatives, silicone derived emollients, and synthetic ingredients. Also avoid mineral cosmetics that employ the use of nanotechnology (nanoparticles). Nanoparticles have not been proven safe.

Get a healthy amount of sunshine. It is never healthy to burn, but a healthy amount of sun exposure can help clear acne. In addition, sunshine has many health benefits including preventing diabetes and cancer, as well as much more.

Stress is damaging to the body and can manifest as acne on the skin. By managing daily stress in a healthy manner, you can help your skin remain blemish-free.

Drink adequate amounts of water. Adequate hydration of the skin is crucial to its health. Proper hydration optimizes blood circulation to the skin. Water carries nutrients to the skin while helping to remove toxins.

Exercise regularly. Like water, it improves blood circulation to the skin as well as improves the removal of waste products .

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