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Do You Know How Healthy The Sun Is For You?

When you think of sunshine, do you think of skin cancer and wrinkles or do you think of glowing overall health? If you have predominantly negative thoughts about the sun, then consider reading on.

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Jumping WomanDiscover The Secrets to Easy Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose a few extra pounds for the holidays? Maybe you're looking for a more long term health plan to lose weight and keep it off.

Below you'll find suggestions for attaining your ideal weight without counting calories, or being hungry. Best of all, your body will be healthier and you'll have more energy.

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MosquitoFood Grade Insect Repellent vs DEET

Does your insect repellent contain the following warning: "Avoid overexposure. Do not keep product on any longer than necessary. After returning indoors, wash treated skin with soap and water"?

If so, read on to find out a safer option that actually works better, too!

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Poison IvyLive Harmoniously With Poison Ivy

Are you afraid of poison ivy? Do you avoid going to places that might have it?

Instead of missing out on fun places in an effort to avoid poison ivy, read on to find out how to live harmoniously with it.

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Make a Basic First Aid Kit With Essential Oils

At home, you can use as few as five essential oils to build a basic 'natural medicine chest' that will handle any basic home health or first aid situation - from burns to bronchitis, coughs to candida, hangovers to muscle strain.

Read the entire article to learn exactly which essential oils to use and how to mix them effectively.

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Horse and RiderHolistic Health For Your Horse

After 10 years in the real world of veterinary medicine, I have come to learn that there is much more to it than what they teach in veterinary school. My eyes have been opened to things that I never would have predicted. I am happy to give credit to my well-intentioned clients and their beloved animal companions. In this article I recommend natural health decisions that can positively impact the health of your horse.

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Checking IngredientsBe An Ingredient Detective At The Grocery Store

While grocery shopping, most people hope to get some sort of nutritional benefit from the food items on which they spend their hard-earned money.

In this article you will learn a few tricks to help you make a quick evaluation of the nutritional value of the item.

Here you will also learn how to quickly scan the ingredient list for the top eight commonly used, yet harmful ingredients.

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Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)Household Plants Detoxify Indoor Air

Most people know that plants consume carbon dioxide as well as give off oxygen, but did you know that your household plants may actually be clearing your air of other commonly encountered air pollutants?

Studies done by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) show that certain houseplants remove as much as 87% of indoor air pollutants within 24 hours.

Read this article to learn which pollutants you may be exposed to in your home and which household plants clear the air for you.

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Natural GasPetrochemicals in Everyday Products

Petrochemicals are chemicals made from crude oil and natural gas. There are over 4,000 products classified as petrochemicals. Petrochemicals and their byproducts, such as dioxin, are known to cause an array of serious health problems, including cancer and endocrine disruption.

Did you know that petrochemicals are found in most food products, personal care products, and household cleaning products? Since they are so widely used, we are going to give you some simple ways to decrease your exposure. Every little change you make is worth it in the long run.

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Mixed NutsDon't Let Diverticulitis Drive You Nuts

With the stress of today's fast-paced lifestyles, many people resort to eating quick and convenient meals on the run. These meals may be from fast-food or even from 5-star restaurants. They may even be "home made" meals that were conveniently opened from a box or can and popped in the microwave.

Often, the meals are marketed as nutritious. Words such as low-fat, fat-free, low-calorie, no trans fats, all natural, no MSG and others trick people into thinking that they are making healthy choices for their bodies. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case.

Although quick and convenient meals taste delicious, they can play havoc with your long-term health. For many people the repercussions come in the form of a diagnosis of diverticulitis.

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Family Unaware of Lead PaintLower Your Child's Risk of Lead Poisoning

Children continue to be at risk for lead poisoning due to the past use of lead in gasoline and in paint (both interior and exterior). Houses built prior to 1978 may still contain potentially dangerous quantities of lead.

In children, lead poisoning has been associated with decreased IQ, and aggressive behavior in boys. In adults, it has been associated with anemia, high blood pressure, and kidney disease.

The good news is that a healthy diet incorporating proper amounts of beneficial minerals can significantly decrease lead absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.

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ZeoliteDetox Your Family and Your Pets With Zeolites

What are zeolites?

Many years ago, volcanos erupted and poured lava into the sea. The combination of volcanic lava, ash, and salt from the sea caused a chemical reaction that formed zeolites in the hardened lava.

What can zeolites do for me?

Zeolites detoxify the body of carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals), toxic heavy metals (including mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and others), viruses, bacteria, fungi, and acidic body conditions that promote and cause disease.*

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Secrets To a Good Night's Sleep

With today's fast-paced, hectic and stressful lifestyles, it can be difficult to get a good night's sleep, i.e., tossing, turning, worrying and finally falling asleep, only to be easily awakened by the slightest noise. When morning comes, you feel more exhausted than when you went to sleep.

Here are some suggestions to help you fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly, and awaken energized.

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WaterThe Water Cure

Do you already know everything you need to know about water? You may be surprised. The following are a few tidbits that you may not know.

Your body can still be dehydrated despite drinking the recommended amount of water. The proper ratio of salt to water is necessary to maintain proper hydration and prevent illness.

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BerriesHow to Compare Antioxidant Supplements

Antioxidants are substances that protect against cell damage by reacting with and neutralizing free radicals. They can be naturally occurring chemicals found in such things as unprocessed food or they can be synthetic chemicals man-made in a laboratory.

As people become increasingly educated about the benefits of antioxidants, more and more antioxidant supplements are becoming available. It is a great feeling to have such a wide range of choices, yet it can be overwhelming to decide on which supplement will be of the most benefit to you.

The following are some points to consider when comparing antioxidant supplements:

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Applying MakeupGood News About Acne

Many people of all ages are affected by acne. It can be an intermittent problem or a daily battle. There are so many different acne medications on the market that it can get confusing about whether to try a new product or to see a dermatologist.

The most frustrating part is that people are told there is no cure for acne. Our opinion at Natural Pure Organics is that your own body can cure itself of acne if given the proper "tools" to do it. Here are our suggestions and our reasons behind each one.

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No Entry - PesticidesPesticides and Your Health

Summer is around the corner and for many people that equals more time outdoors. You may spend time planting a flower garden, hiking the mountains, camping by a lake, playing on a sports team, or weeding your vegetable garden. Whatever the case may be, insects or other pests are likely to pose a threat to your enjoyment.

Did you know that pesticide exposure has been linked to health problems including asthma, cancer, Parkinson's disease, gestational diabetes, birth defects, and Autism?

Here you will find out how to reduce your exposure to pesticides and thereby, your risk of disease.

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Path Through ForestDon't Let Cancer Scare You

Most people do not realize that our bodies are bombarded on a daily basis with things that damage our cells. Damage to our cellular DNA occurs from normal metabolic activities as well as from environmental factors, including synthetic chemicals in our personal care products.

Luckily, with a healthy immune system, our bodies destroy these damaged cells as they occur and no harm results. However, if our immune system is compromised, it is less likely to recognize and destroy these damaged cells before they can replicate. These rapidly dividing, mutated cells are the foundation for cancer. Learn what steps you can take to prevent cancer or to recover from it if you already have it.

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Healthy Travel TipsAirplane

Traveling can be a fun, exciting time full of new adventures. It can also be a time of stress on your body, especially your immune system. Activities may be so jam-packed that sleep gets put on the back burner and eating habits may suffer. While traveling, most people do not have access to facilities (or sometimes the desire) to prepare home made meals. The quickness and convenience of restaurants become the main source of nutrients. This is not always the healthiest option because the restaurant may choose economical ingredients containing pesticides, growth hormones or drug residues and then add monosodium glutamate (MSG) to make the food irresistibly delicious. Learn what you can do to remain healthy and full of energy while traveling.

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Baby Wrapped in TowelHealthy Alternatives to Toxic Baby Care Products

Baby care products are meant to make your baby clean, soft, and pleasant-smelling. They can actually bring pleasure to the senses during use. Unfortunately, many common ingredients used to accomplish these goals are harmful. Learn what options are available.

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Total Health Recommendations

It is our opinion at Natural Pure Organics that these recommendations will help to boost your immune system to ward off all illness, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disease, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

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Air FreshenersDo You Worry About The Air Quality In Your Home?

Studies show that indoor air is commonly found to be 2 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. In some cases as much as 100 times! Find out here what you can do to improve it.

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How To Compare Probiotic Supplements

With so many probiotics on the market today, it is becoming more and more difficult for people to decide on which one to try. Here are some suggestions to help you make an informed decision.

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Acai BerriesIngredient Highlight: The Açai Berry

Lately, many people have been hearing about the health benefits of Açai (pronounced ah-sigh-eee) berries. They contain naturally occurring, potent antioxidants which scavenge free radicals within the body. Learn what to look for and what to avoid in aŤai supplements.

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Stress Relief

With the hustle and bustle of today's society, people are experiencing more and more stress. Some degree of stress is healthy and unavoidable. It is our reaction to and management of stress that plays an important role in our health. Excessive, poorly managed stress weakens the immune system, making us more susceptible to illness. Here are some ideas to help keep your stress levels to a minimum:

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Organic Ways To Avoid Infection With The MRSA SuperbugOrganic Ways To Avoid Infection With The MRSA Superbug

Lately in the news there has been a lot of talk about deaths and illness due to antibiotic resistant bacteria, namely methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). It is estimated to kill more people annually than the AIDS virus.

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United States Allows Use Of Ingredients Banned In Other Countries

In a recent investigation of more than 23,000 products, EWG found almost 400 products sold in the U.S. contain chemicals prohibited from use in cosmetics in other countries.

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Wine & CheeseBenefits of Cholesterol
and How To Have A Healthy Heart

Did you know that humans actually require cholesterol to perform a vast array of daily bodily functions? Some of these vital functions include repairing damaged tissues, maintaining the integrity of cell membranes, boosting performance of the brain, digesting food, building strong bones, building muscle, maintaining energy, libido, and fertility, regulating blood sugar, and more!

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Helpful Hints on Taking In-Liven

In-Liven provides your body with the nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy immune system. Once functioning optimally, your immune system should be able to ward off illness to regain and maintain health and vitality.

Medications, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, stress, synthetic chemicals, and processed food are just some of the things that kill beneficial intestinal bacteria. The more of those that apply to you, the more In-Liven you could probably benefit from.

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Lead In LipstickLead Found in 61% of Lipsticks Tested

A new study released October 11, 2007 by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that 20 out of 33 major brands of lipsticks (including L'Oreal, Cover Girl, and Christian Dior) tested positive for lead at an independent laboratory. None of the brands listed lead as an ingredient.

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PoisonToxic Ingredient Highlight: Silicone

Silicone derived emollients (which are listed under names including cyclomethicone, dimethicone, and dimethicone copolyol) are commonly found ingredients in the majority of hair and skin "beauty" products. They interfere with the skin's ability to breathe and to release toxins (similar to the effect of plastic wrap).

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Ingredient Safety Testing: Is 11% Good Enough?

When you read the ingredient list of the skin care products you have at home, do you see words like dimethicone, methylparaben, and propylene glycol? You may see the words "Natural", "Gentle", "Healing" or "Soothing" and think the products are good for your skin. You may want to think again. 89% of more than 10,000 ingredients in personal care products have NOT been tested for safety.

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Holistic Health For Dogs and Cats

Couple with Pet DogsAfter 10 years in the real world of veterinary medicine, I have come to learn that there is much more to it than what they teach in veterinary school. My eyes have been opened to things that I never would have predicted. I am happy to give credit to my well-intentioned clients and their beloved animal companions.

In this article I recommend holistic health decisions that I have personally seen impact the health of dogs and cats.

Beauty Without WrinklesConcerned About Wrinkles?

Pollution, consumption of processed food, and stress increase our exposure to free radicals. Free radicals break down the collagen and elastin in our skin, leading to sagging, wrinkles and age spots. Find out what you can do about it.

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