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United States Allows Use Of Ingredients Banned In Other Countries

This past September the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) held a forum with cosmetic industry representatives and international regulators to discuss issues related to marketing and safety of cosmetics. Public health, consumer, and environmental organizations were not allowed to attend! The Environmental Working Group (EWG) wrote a letter to the FDA expressing concerns about this closed door meeting. In a recent investigation of more than 23,000 products, EWG found:

  • Almost 400 products sold in the U.S. contain chemicals prohibited from use in cosmetics in other countries
  • Over 400 products contain ingredients that cosmetic industry safety panels have found unsafe when used as directed
  • More than 750 personal care products sold in the U.S. violate safety standards in other countries

Most people mistakenly assume that cosmetics are tested for safety by the government before they are sold. Unfortunately, the FDA has no authority to require this. Instead, a "safety review" is done by a panel funded by the cosmetics industry.

For more information and to see which brands contain ingredients banned in other countries (including Maybelline, Sally Hansen, Avon and more):

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