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Traveling can be a fun, exciting time full of new adventures. It can also be a time of stress on your body, especially your immune system. Activities may be so jam-packed that sleep gets put on the back burner and eating habits may suffer. While traveling, most people do not have access to facilities (or sometimes the desire) to prepare home made meals. The quickness and convenience of restaurants become the main source of nutrients. This is not always the healthiest option because the restaurant may choose economical ingredients containing pesticides, growth hormones or drug residues and then add monosodium glutamate (MSG) to make the food irresistibly delicious. In addition, they may cook with trans-fats on non-stick cookware.

To keep your immune system strong during the stress of travel, consider taking In-Liven with you. It is rich in raw, organic, whole-food nutrients to complete your nutritional balance. It also replenishes your beneficial intestinal bacteria to keep your digestive system on track and your immune system strong during these important times.

As far as lack of access to a refrigerator while traveling, that is no reason to leave In-Liven behind. Although refrigeration is ideal once In-Liven is opened, it is not essential. The bacteria in In-Liven are very hearty and can withstand temperatures of +122 F (+50 C) and -4 F (-20 C) for a week. The bacteria in one container of unrefrigerated In-Liven have been repeatedly tested over the past 10 years and found to have retained their viability! This makes it especially ideal for travel, when access to a refrigerator may be limited.

Another good thing to know about traveling with In-Liven is that the beneficial bacteria are not damaged by the radiation exposure of customs machines. Testing was conducted several years ago to examine the effects of radiation exposure in customs machines on bacteria in In-Liven. The results showed that the bacteria was unaffected — the bacteria remained alive and well.

Good News! Travel size products are now available for your convenience. They are perfect for your backpack, overnight bag, or carry-on luggage. They comply with airport security regulations by containing less than 3 ounces (less than 88 milliliters). They are also great for stocking your guest room.

Products available in travel sizes include:

Take the time to take care of yourself during travel. Your body will reward you with energy and good health.

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